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KOREA ACHIMMADONG RED GINSENG (GEUMSANMALL) A1-104, 105 www.geumsan.co.kr  Korean red ginseng gold, Korean red ginseng, Korean red ginseng premium.
KOREA AGRICULTURAL COMPANY CORPORATION DOKDO TRADE CO., LTD                                   A1-045 www.dokdotrade.co.kr Korea mountain garlic leaf.
KOREA AHAFOOD CO., LTD A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 www.ahafood.co.kr Frozen Dumpling
VIETNAM ANTANA FOOD CO., LTD. A1-027 www.antana.com.vn Agricultural products
VIETNAM BAC GIANG TRADE PROMOTION CENTER A4-066,067   General products: agricultural products, foodstuff, handicrafts and art article… 
VIETNAM BACHLINH SERVICES AND TRADING J.S.C. A4-028 www.bachlinhco.com Bahlsen
KOREA BEBEFOOD KOREA CO., LTD A1-096 www.bebefood.co.kr Baby snack, baby sauce.
VIETNAM BI-MEDIPHARM CO., LTD A4-024 www.bnc-medipharm.com Supplement
VIETNAM BINH THUAN TRADE PROMOTION CENTER A4-044, 045 www.binhthuantpc.vn Special products
VIETNAM BIO-APGOLD CO., LTD A4-047   Lingzhi mushroom
KOREA BOGOSHINYAK A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158   Raw ginseng drink
KOREA BS GLOBAL KOREA CO., LTD A1-058   Rice cracker-gold,
Chef cookies
CUBA BUDGETED UNIT, MINAG, CIENFUEGOS A3   Product that form exportable resources in Cienfuegos province (Tobacco, Coffee, Honey, Charcoal) and other that we are in the desire to promote like Turmeric and Glucose Factory productions like Corn Starch and other derivate. Also make contact with the Vietnamese part of rice production project in Cienfuegos province.
VIETNAM CAFE PRIVATE ENTERPRISE MINH TIEN A4-071 www.minhtiencoffee.com Organic coffee products
KOREA CHEONJIHYEONHWANG CO., LTD A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 http://www.kbgrg3.com Korean Black Ginseng
KOREA CHIGANGFOOD A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 http://www.kcleekim.co.kr Seaweed products
KOREA CHOUNG RYONG FISHERIES CO., LTD A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158   Domain, whole fish
CUBA CUBA RON CORPORATION, S.A A3 www.cubaron.com It will present new brands that will be part of its portfolio, such as brand rums, Santa Cruz and El Valle.
KOREA D&FOOD CO., LTD A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 www.jongilfood.com Pan cake, waffle bee, fish-shaped mini bun, seed honey bread…
KOREA DESIGN OTWO A4-001, 002   Food & clothes.
KOREA DONG JIN PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 www.idongjinkorea.com Korean Honey Red Ginseng
KOREA ECO J FOOD CO., LTD A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 http://export-jeju.com/ecojfood/?ckattempt=1 Planet Jeju
CUBA EMPRESA COMERCIALIZADORA DE ALIMENTOS, ALIMPORT A3 www.alimport.com.cu Alimport is a Cuban public company created in January 1962, with the mission to import and export food products, and raw materials for the food industry, for human and animal consumption, as well as market wholesalers. Our main products for importation are: Rice, Corn, Wheat, Soybean Meal, Poultry and Whole milk powder. We integrate along with other Cuban Foreign Trade Companies,  GECOMEX, a Group of Cuban Export – Import Companies. We have more than 55 years of experience in foreign trade and we are very well known in Cuba and worldwide.
VIETNAM FOOD AND NUTRION DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING J.S.C. A4-031 www.toidenlinhdan.com Black garlic
KOREA GARIMI CO., LTD A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 www.jatgim.co.kr Seaweed products
KOREA GOOD FOOD LLC A4-046 www.good-food.co.kr Frozen meat dumplings, Frozen vegetable dumplings. 
CUBA GROUP EMPRESARIAL LIVESTOCK A3   Production the flesh of chicken, cheese mozzarella from the processing the milk of bufala, and harnessing of flesh.
KOREA HAEDAMON VINA CO., LTD A4-003 haedamon.com Tongyoung seaweed.
KOREA HAETTER CO., LTD A1-024 www.haettermall.com Nhân sâm hàn quốc, thực phẩm tốt cho sức khỏe
VIETNAM HAI DUONG TRADE PROMOTION CENTER A4-054, 055 http://www.sct.haiduong.gov.vn Agricultures, foods processing, handi-crafts.
VIETNAM HANOI TRADE CORPORATION A1-196~199 www.haprogroup.vn Agri-produces and food stuff
VIETNAM HDV TRADING AND CONTRUCTION J.S.C. A4-063   Smoked meat, pasta and spices
VIETNAM HOANG MAI TRANDING & MANUFACTURING CO., LTD A1-016, 017 www.richy.com.vn MAJESTIC Butter cookie, Wismo cake…
VIETNAM HOANG THUAN KHANH IMPORT EXPORT CO.,L LTD A4-070 www.hoangthuankhanhgroup.vn Korean Cheese Cake
VIETNAM HUONG QUE TRA BONG CO., LTD A4-020, 021 quetrabong.com Cinnamon products
KOREA HYOLIM AGRICULTURAL FARMING ASSOCIATION A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 www.sammahol.com Korean red ginseng products, linhzi product, ginseng berry extract
VIETNAM KHANH HOA SALANGANES NEST COMPANY PORTAL A1-008, 009 www.yensaokhanhhoa.com.vn Salangane nest
KOREA KMEAL A1-104, 105 www.kmeal.kr Fermented soybean paste powder.
KOREA KYUNGSUNG OAK MUSHROOM FARM A1-046 www.mushkim.co.kr Shiitake oak mushroom.
VIETNAM LAO CAI TRADE PROMOTION CENTER A4-056, 057   Specialities in Lao Cai province.
KOREA MANAE A1-079 www.manae.co.kr Food.
CUBA MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE (MINAG) A3   Offers managerial services of extensionism in agricultural, forestry production and ground. Export of cigar, cigarette, tabacco differente mark, honey bee and coffee. Development of mechanization and irrigation, agriculture and livestock breeding equipment.
KOREA MORE CO., LTD A1-044 www.morecorp.co.kr Kimchi, sauce, frozen vegetables, rice cake.
VIETNAM NAM DINH TRADE PROMOTION CENTER A4-064, 065   Agricultural products.
KOREA NATURAL JEJU FOOD CO., LTD A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158   Jeju tea of all kinds
KOREA N-CHOICE CO., LTD A1-004 www.n-choice.net Grains powder
VIETNAM NGUYEN HONG HONEY CO., LTD A4-016 www.vietnambeeswax.com, www. Doctorbees.vn Honey, Royal jelly, 100% natural Vietnamese beewax handmade candles, propolis and bees pollen.
VIETNAM NGUYEN HUY INVESTMENT CO., LTD A4-027 www.nguyenhuyco.com Bahlsen
VIETNAM NHATRANG SALANGANES' NEST TRADING J.S.C. A4-038 www.yensaohonngocviet.vn Nests
KOREA OKF CORPORATION A1-047 www.okf.kr Aloevera beverage, aloe mixed beverage, coconut drink, fruit beverage, smoothie, coffee, latte, tea, energy drink, soft drink, rice milk, etc.
VIETNAM QUANG NAM PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIVE AND INVESTMENT PROMOTION CENTRE A4-068-069 www.ipaquangnam.gov.vn Specialities in Quang Nam province.
KOREA SONG HWA FOOD A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 www.gcgim.com Seweed
KOREA SUN KOREANSINSENG A1-080   Ginseng, Red ginseng.
KOREA SUNBONG FOOD CO., LTD A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 www.sunbong.net Instant soup.
KOREA SUPERNATURALS CO., LTD A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 www.supernaturals.co.kr Various - flavor Angel Juice, Milk Enhancer, Water Enhancer, Dietary Foods, Functional Foods (Omega-3, Vitamin E)
KOREA TAEKYUNG FOOD A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 http://tkfood.kr Seaweed products
VIETNAM VIET NAM STARANISEED CASSIA MANUFACTURING & EXPORTING JOINT STOCK COMPANY S01 www.cinnamonstaranise.com Cinnamon and star anise products are harvested and processed according to the technological process from seedling to finished products, strictly controlled to achieve the highest quality based on the world standards such as Organic, Fairtrade, Biotrade.
VIETNAM VIETNAM LIBRA CO., LTD A4-017 vietnamlibra.com Cracker, biscuits, wafer, chocolate.
VIETNAM VINATEA KIM ANH JOINT STOCK S01 www.vinatea.com.vn High quality tea raw material with top modern equipments meeting international standards.
KOREA WOOYOUNG E&T CO., LTD A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158   Jeju peanut sprout tea
VIETNAM YEN BAI TRADE PROMOTION CENTER A4-058, 059 www.sctyenbai.gov.vn Typical products of Yen Bai Province
CHINA YUNNAN JINGSHOUZUN CULTURE COMMUNICATION CO., LTD. A1-225   Buckwheat tea; National Arts and crafts.
CHINA YUNNAN NEW HOPE DENGCHUAN BUTTERFLY SPRING DAIRY CO., LTD  A1-219, 226 www.diequan.com.cn Liquid milk, yogurt, milk powder.