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KOREA 3DAMO CO., LTD A1-043 www.3damo.com Cosmetics.
KOREA ALLPACK CO., LTD A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 www.allpack.co.kr Loess-ball Foot Bath Apparatus, loess-ball heating apparatus
KOREA ANON CO., LTD A1-106 http://vivido.net/ EMS&RF high frequency therapy massager, slim body self massager, ultrasonic wave ion scrubber, clean foot callus removal.
KOREA APHARM CO., LTD A1-227 http://www.drnuell.com/ Dr.Nu:ell white tone-up cream, Dr.Nuell Enzyme O2 Bubble Cleanser,  PETIT(N)LACTO:U.
KOREA AQUALEX A1-098 www.malangcoco.com Basic cosmetics.
VIETNAM ATZ LIFE J.S.C. A2-015 http://www.atzhealthylife.com.vn/ Coconut oil, scented candles
KOREA B&D LIFE HEALTH CO., LTD A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 http://www.e-seje.com Detergent products
KOREA BEDEL KOREA A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 www.bedelkorea.com  Red Pine Needle Oil Health food, household items, beauty cosmetics
KOREA BIOBEAUTECH CO., LTD A1-097 www.biobeautech.com BIZOGAN Velvet Gold Modeling Mask, BIZOGAN Total Solution Derma Repair Brightening Mask, BIZOGAN Orange Blossome Energe Essence, BIZOGAN Pure Vita-C Serum.
KOREA BIZ & MOLD CO., LTD A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 www.clikins.com  Face roller, eyes roller, vibration massage, Hydro dermabrasion, Advanced skin therapy system
KOREA BSG GLOBAL CO., LTD A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 www.bsg7.com Red Ginseng Products, 24K Gold Snail Mask, Goat Milk Mask, Aqua Shining Mask Intensive Pure Water Solution Cream
KOREA C&D A1-228, 229 www.designcnd.com Functional face mask that filters fine dust.
KOREA CHOUNG RYONG FISHERIES CO., LTD A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158   Domain, whole fish
KOREA DAESHIN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD A1-106 http://ionmi.co.kr Skin care device.
KOREA DESIGNX2, INC. A1-227 www.designx2.kr Cosmetics, tea_infuser, contact lens.
KOREA EN BS CO., LTD A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 www.enbios.com Moisture essence, soft peeling gel, BB cream, shampoo.
KOREA FINE KOREA CORP. A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 www.assez.co.kr Skincare cosmetics, soap, shampoo, dish-wash
KOREA FIRSTCOSMETIC A1-073 www.firstut.com Mulbit medist, mulbit hydro special ampoule, mulbit donkey milk moisturizing cream, mulbit donkey milk moistursing mask pack, mulbit firming sleeping mask pack, mulbit aqua mask pack, mulbit collagen mask pack, mulbit firming mask pack, mulbit pearl mask pack, mulbit aloe mask pack, mulbit rose mask pack, man power pack.
KOREA FOMENTO MEDICAL A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158   Wireless silicon hot pack
KOREA GENERAL BIO CO., LTD A1- 006, 007 www.generalbio.co.kr Cosmetics, food supplements, household goods.
KOREA GREENZONE CO., LTD A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 http://www.grz.co.kr Bodycare and Skincare
KOREA HINT INVESTMENT CO., LTD A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158   Korean beauty & healthcare products
KOREA I&R COSMETICS A1-054   Cosmetics.
KOREA ISLAND A1-230 http://www.studioisland.co.kr Soap (Jeju Paradise mandarin Soap), toothpaste(Eat me Jeju mandarin toothpaste).
KOREA JLK COSMETIC CO., LTD A1-018A www.jlkcos.com Skin care products for mom and baby, cosmetics and sanitary napkins.
KOREA JUNG COSMETIC A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 http://www.jungco.co.kr Skincare Cosmetic, tera Slimming
KOREA JUNGWON SY CO., LTD A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 www.lethermakeover.com Inner beauty, cosmetics
KOREA K.L GLOBAL (LINKPLEX) A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158   Doctor needle
LAOS LAO GEM & JEWELRY   A3-009~010   Lao gem & jewelry.
KOREA LAYUN KOREA A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 www.layunkorea.com Thread lifting, filler
KOREA LEESOME A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 www.sistertime.co.kr Eyesighted glasses
KOREA LKTECH A1-095 www.lktech.kr EX-Balance, Cooloo-m, Polar shape, RFSTAR, QURRY.
KOREA LS LIFE SCIENCE A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158   LED Belt, Pain cream, ceramic medical apparatus
KOREA LYCORIS CO., LTD  A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158   Robus whitening skin care line
KOREA MIAPPEAL A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158   MIAPPEAL Cosmetics
VIETNAM NAM HAN INVESTMENT TRADING CO., LTD A2-099   Hydro-Pure water purifier, cosmetic, machinery part,…
KOREA NOAHCOSMETIC A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 www.noahcosmetic.com/en_shop Aesthetic devices, skincare cosmetics
VIETNAM PHU THANH TRADING AND IMPORT EXPORT  CO., LTD A4-048 www.phuthanhco.vn Cosmetics imported from Korea and Japan including Fabric softener, dishwashing liquid, detergent, toilet fighter, plastic.
KOREA PURECOS CO., LTD A1-094 www.purecos.com HAWDO, Mediblock.
KOREA RED99, INC. A1-041 www.red99.co.kr Dr-load 9 sec essence, ato99 cypress cream, leaders double deep luichel.
KOREA REINBOU BEAUTY CO., LTD A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 www.rainbowbeauty.co.kr Mask sheet, natural facial mist, cleaners, BB cream, hand cream
VIETNAM TAN HUNG IMPORT EXPORT TRADING CO., LTD A4-030 www.tanhung.vn Cosmetics imported from the USA
KOREA TWINNY A1-101, 102 www.twinny.co.kr Laundry ball, bathmat, baby laundry softner, clear body mist, henna pen_dark brown, henna pen_nature brown, kiss balm_for men, kiss balm_for women, Real skin patch, vita cleansing.
KOREA VERTEXKOREA CO., LTD A1-101, 102 www.cybowing.com Air cushion mask.