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KOREA AD&LIGHTING A1-070 www.alcorea.com LED light box.
KOREA BASS LIGHT A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 www.bass.or.kr LED Lights
KOREA BLAKSTONE A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158   Camera
KOREA CG LIGHTING A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 http://cgled.co.kr Lighting products
VIETNAM CMS COMPUTER J.S.C. A1-212 www.cms.com.vn CMS Vipo desktop, a product of CMS Computer Company Ltd
The well-designed CMS computer for family, study, research, web browsing, entertainment, social networking, 01 year warranty.
CUBA CORPORACION COPEXTELS.A. A3 www.copextel.com.cu Cuban Company established in 1991. Wholesale importer and distributor of several products and technologies: IT, automation, telecommunication, electricity, lighting and renewable energy sources, among others. Projects and after sales services associated to each one of these products and technologies.
KOREA DAEHO COOLER CO., LTD A1-050 www.daehocooler.co.kr Chiller.
VIETNAM DIEN QUANG LAMP JOINT STOCK COMPANY A1-249, 250 www.dienquang.com Product of civil, industrial works, agriculture and fishery such as : led lamp types, compact lamp, fulorescent lamp, desk lamp, decorative lamp, socket, plug, luminaires, fixtures,..
VIETNAM DONG HO CO., LTD A2-018 www.hansieuamdongho.com Air conditioner fan, steam fan.
KOREA DUALI INC. A2-096 www.duali.com Smart card reader and NFC solutions
CUBA EMPRESA DE RADIOCOMUNICACIONES Y DIFUSIÓN DE CUBA. RADIOCUBA A3-003~008 www.radiocuba.cu A provider of radiocommunication services and responsible for ensuring the transmission of radio and televisions signals with quality throughout the country and broadcasting abroad. Target Market (s): Telecommunications, radiobroadcasting and television "
KOREA EVERTREE CO., LTD A1-056 www.evertree.kr LUGE S970 transparent LCD showcase.
CHINA FOSHAN QIANGFU ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE MANUFACTURE CO., LTD A2-069, 070 www.fsqiangfu.com Products: stand fan, ventilator fan.
KOREA GEO NATION CO., LTD A1-214 www.geo-nation.com FRP, bonding system & electronic device
KOREA GNI MICROWAVE CO., LTD A1-069 www.gnimw.com RF components: filter, feu, multiband combiner, coupler, divider, multiplexer, arrestor.
CHINA GUANGZHOU NPP POWER CO., LTD A2 www.nppower.com.cn NPP’s covers the whole series of sealed lead acid battery, which is including general type, Deep cycle type, Gel type and etc, also includes lithium battery and Photovoltaic lighting products.
CHINA HUNAN YUEGANG MOOKRAY INDUSTRAIL CO., LTD A2 http://www.mookray.com Module LED lighting product
KOREA INNO TECH MEDIA CO., LTD A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 www.intmedia.co.kr Interactive Technology (Special display interactive, virtual reality interaction, action recognition interactive)
4D System (Inno shooting ride, Inno 4D chair)
KOREA INSUNGENPLA.CO. LTD  A1-103 www.insungenpla.co.kr  Compact LED lamp, flat panel LED lamp.
KOREA JK LIGHTING KOREA A1-086 www.jklight.com Infrared heat lamp, led lamp.
RUSSIA JSC "ELECTROTECHNICAL FACTORIES "ENERGOMERA" A1-186 www.energomera.com/en/home Electric energy meters, AMI/AMR Systems.
KOREA KORUSKOREA A1-057 www.koruskorea.com Screen protector.
KOREA LEEYOUNG IND. CO., LTD A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 www.leeyoung.kr Compact bar, conductor rail (MCL, LCL, UCL, HCL), slip ring
KOREA MOJITOK S01 www.mojitok.com We develop emoticon solution and the content providing better emotional expressions.
KOREA MOKSAN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD A1-091 www.moksan.co.kr Led.
KOREA POHAS A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 www.po-has.com Photo Card Booth
RUSSIA POWER MACHINES A1-186 www.power-m.ru Provide equipment for thermal, nuclear, hydro and gas turbine power plants.
KOREA SAMHO CO., LTD A1-077 www.samhotech.kr Led light: Home, factory, office, etc.
KOREA SEOGWANG A1-103 www.seog.co.kr LED Flood Light, precision optical lens.
RUSSIA SINARA-TRANSPORT MASHINES A1-186 www.sinaratm.ru Electric locomotive building, diesel locomotive building, maintenance vehicle building, and engine building.
KOREA SISOUL A1-093 www.sisoul.co.kr NFC Reader, NFC Module, NFC TAG.
CHINA SOUNDDO AUDIO (HK) LIMITED A2-009 www.sounddo.com UHF microphone /VHF, microphone /rechargeable, & trolley speaker, professional audio.
KOREA SUNLIN ELECTRONICS VIETNAM CO., LTD A2-110 sunlinvina.com Phone Charger (TA), ADAPTOP Charge the power, LED linght
KOREA SYNERGY SOLUTIONS A1-071 www.ssolutions.co.kr Solar street light, solar led lantern, solar mini led lantern, solar flood light, smart electric meter.
KOREA TAESUNG A1-090 www.mirrorbar.co.kr Incoming panel, interlock safety device for circuit breaker, safety terminal strip.
KOREA THIS A1-084 http://thisdr.com/ko/ DR (dielectric resonator), antena & rfid.
VIETNAM TRANG THI COMMERCIAL SERVICE J.S.C. A1-018   Booil safes are imported complete from Korea.
KOREA UNSEOUNG FREEZE INDUSTRY CO., LTD A1-081 www.unseoung.com Condensing unit, unit cooler.
HONGKONG ZIONCOM (VIETNAM) CO., LTD A2-109 www.totolink.vn Network Devices