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CHINA AUGEWEI ELECTRIC APPLIANCES CO., LTD A2-004 www.augwei.com Vacuum cleaner
KOREA BAEKRYEONDONG AGRICULTURAL CO., LTD A1-230 www.brdong.com Hello phyton package (gargle, toothpaste).
KOREA BOAS COMMUNICATION CO., LTD A1-099, 100 www.boascc.com Bigcup.
KOREA BULLS GLOBAL CO., LTD A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158   Baby diaper
KOREA CUTTER KOREA A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 www.ceramiclife.com Ceramic kitchen knife, cutter, peeler
KOREA DAE YEON CO., LTD A1-055 www.wellex.co.kr Automatic laundry drying rack & Shelf.
KOREA DAINBELL CORPORATION A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 www.dainbell.kr Cookware, pressure cooker, fry pan/ wok pan, storage box
KOREA DATHO I&T CO., LTD A1-100/1 www.daehoint.co.kr Mamicall.
VIETNAM DUY TAN PLASTICS MANUFACTURING CORPORATION A1-175, 176 www.duytan.com Duy Tan cabinets ensure top quality and attractive design. User experience, safety, elegance and exclusive design…are values belonging to our top priorities. Cabinets from series Tabi, Mina and Tomi have always been very popular choices among local consumers.
KOREA ED CO., LTD A1-053 www.mom-d.com Mom:D Trike Premium
Mom:D Trike V-700
KOREA EUROMADE VIETNAM CO., LTD A2-104 www.biotech.vn Pi Biotech water generator
VIETNAM FRICO CO., LTD A2-095, A4-035  www.fricovietnam.com Induction cooker, Microwave oven, cooker hood, multi cooker, bread maker
KOREA GENERAL BIO CO., LTD A1- 006, 007 www.generalbio.co.kr Cosmetics, food supplements, household goods.
VIETNAM GGOMI VIETNAM CO., LTD A4-052,053 www.ggomikorea.com Kitchenware
VIETNAM GIA PHAT CO., LTD A1-026 www.giaphatco.com.vn Umbrellas: Ocean, leo
Bags, zipper bags, wrappers
Towers, face mask
KOREA Guardian Angel CO., LTD A1-072 www.angelkorea.co.kr E-eazy toothbrush.
KOREA GWOI DAN CERAMIC A1-042   Tea pot, tea cup, tea set, flower vase.
VIETNAM HAI DUONG TRADE PROMOTION CENTER A4-054, 055 http://www.sct.haiduong.gov.vn Agricultures, foods processing, handi-crafts.
KOREA HAMEBIO CO., LTD A1-040 blog.naver.com/hamebio
Damgeune fermention container.
KOREA ICECAP GLOBAL A1-092 www.icecap.co.kr Shaved ice machine.
KOREA IND GROUP A1-104, 105 www.indgroup.co.kr
COOBOX for Microwave.
CHINA JIANGXI SHUIYI CHEMICAL CO., LTD A4-004   Mosquito coils, electric mosquito liquid, sprays, food flavor
HONG KONG KAI VIETNAM CO., LTD A1-215, 216 www.kai-asia-vietnam.com Razor, beauty care and houseware items
VIETNAM KIM THUAN PHAT CO., LTD A1-015 http://www.kimthuanphat.com.vn Insecticidal lamps
KOREA KINGSEOJIN TRADING CO. A1-051 www.kingseojin.com Stainless steel Square plate, BBQ Rectangle Pan.
VIETNAM KONA CO., LTD S01 www.kona.com.vn Mint Tencel Bamboo is a new generation of bedding with 100% natural suitable use for tropical region. The yarn production process is certified as eco-friendly as the production line is completed.
KOREA KR-RTS A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 www.krrts.co.kr Electric stove
KOREA LOGOSCRAFT A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 www.logoscraft.com Kitchen tool, scissor, knife, tongs.
EGYPT LORD COMPANY (RAZORS & BLADES) A1-014 www.lordshave.com Shaving products - Razors and Blades
KOREA MEGAZONE S01 www.suatree.com (Ceramic Tea sets, Ceramic Kichen tools, Wood kichen tools, etc.
KOREA MIYO CO., LTD A1-074 www.miyokorea.com Miyo backrest cushion, miyo beauty hip cushion.
VIETNAM NAM HONG J.S.C. A1-005 www.najico.com.vn BBQ Grill
VIETNAM PHU NGUYEN TRADING & INVESTMENT CO., LTD A4-032~034, 050, 051 http://phunguyengroup.com/ Paper cups, industrial fans, coolers, household products
KOREA PNP CO., LTD A2-020   Kitchenware (Fry Pan & Pots).
KOREA RECO CO., LTD A1-088 www.aircell.co Aircell cushion (shock absorbing packaging material).
KOREA SAMWON METAL&IND.CO., LTD A1-078 www.swkitchen.com Hand sterilizer, hand sink, dishwasher, under-counter, refrigerator, pizza oven (electric), ultraviolet, knife, cutting board, sterilizer.
CHINA SHANDONG HANBANG HOUSEHOLD GLASSWARE CO., LTD A2 www.hanbangglass.com Kitchen and home furnishing glass products and artwares, ceramics, artifacts and others…
KOREA T.I.P INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD A1-233, 234 www.tipint.co.kr IONBLUE Shake-off, IONBLUE Sweet Dream.
KOREA TAECHANG ICE A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 http://www.icesolution.co.kr Ice maker
KOREA TAEYOUNG FOOD A1-082 www.tyfood.co.kr Tube sauce.
VIETNAM THANG LONG METAL WARES J.S.C. A1-245, 246 www.tlmw.com.vn Stell and Inox profuct: household, mechanicals
KOREA WORLDCHEM CO., LTD A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 www.worldchem.co.kr Laundry detergent, Fabrics refresher Kitchen cleaner and Multipurpose cleaner, Toilet cleaners, Hand sanitizer
Insect/pest repellent