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KOREA ALADDIN INC., LTD A1-228, 229 www.limbrest.co.kr LIMB REST.
KOREA APEXEL CO., LTD A1-048 www.apexel.co.kr 7030 calcium premium.
VIETNAM BIO-APGOLD CO., LTD A4-047   Lingzhi mushroom
KOREA BIOARA CO., LTD A1-059 www.bioara.com 1.BONCHOWI Cordyceps Fermented Extract
2. BONCHOWI Cordyceps
3. BONCHOWI Cordyceps Tea
CUBA CUBAN MEDICAL SERVICES  - CSMC, S.A A3-003~008 www.smcsalud.cu Export of medical services, health services and teaching and training services in the field of health, which are based on the strength granted by the Cuban National Health System. This allows the provision of a broader set of services than what is covered by the concept of "Medical tourism". Cuban Medical Services is able to establish contractual relations with natural and legal persons (public or private); international and regional organizations; as well as local or central governments.
CUBA EMPRESA LABORATORIOS DE PRODUCTOS HEMODERIVADOS, SUEROS, BIOTERIOS Y PRODUCCIÓN AGROPECUARIA A3   Nutritional supplements for human use as VIMANG and VIDATOX, biopesticides for vector control as GRISELEF and BACTIVEC, bioproductos for agricultural use as THURISAVE.
CUBA FINLAY VACCINE INSTITUTE A3 www.finlay.sld.cu Human Bacterial Vaccines and Active Pharmaceutical Ingedient: Meningococcal Vaccine, Tetanus Vaccine, Typhoide Vaccine, DPT Vaccine, Leptospirosis  Vaccine, Pneumococcal Vaccine.
KOREA FOMENTO MEDICAL A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158   Wireless silicon hot pack
VIETNAM FOOD AND NUTRION DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING J.S.C. A4-031 www.toidenlinhdan.com Black garlic
KOREA G&W CO., LTD A1-231, 232 www.ignw.kr Orthopedic casting tape & splint.
VIETNAM GOLDEN AMBER VIETNAM CO., LTD A2-105 www.homecarestore.vn BackJoy products are designed to effortlessly give your back the tune-ups your body needs throughout the day, improve your posture and reduce back pain.
CUBA HEBER BIOTEC S.A A3 www.cigb.edu.cu Heber Biotec in a Cuban company with exclusivity rights for the commercialization of biotecnhnological and pharmaceutical products, technological services, R & D Projects and industrial property rights of the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB).
KOREA KEUMJEONG COMPANY (KJC) A1-083 www.keumjeong.com Medical products: orthopedic casting tape and splint, cast cutter, cotton padding, stockinet. Hose pump parts: squeezing rubber hose for hose pumps (high viscous liquids transferring such as concrete, sludge, cement mortar, mud, paint).
VIETNAM KIM LONG INVESTMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY A1-200 www.duockimlong.vn Massage oil Hong Linh Cot, Lieu Truong Phong.
KOREA KYUNGSUNG OAK MUSHROOM FARM A1-046 www.mushkim.co.kr Shiitake oak mushroom.
KOREA LAYUN KOREA A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158 www.layunkorea.com Thread lifting, filler
KOREA LS LIFE SCIENCE A1-031~039, 061~066, 107~158   LED Belt, Pain cream, ceramic medical apparatus
KOREA NEOCO A1-101, 102 www.ecomoms.co.kr Ecomom baby bottle sterilizer.
VIETNAM OPC PHARMACEUTICAL J.S.C. A1-193,194 www.opcpharma.com Pharmaceuticals.
KOREA PUNGGI PREMIUM GOODS AGRICULTURAL COOPERATIVE A1-049 www.kpch.co.kr Korean red ginseng, Korean red ginseng extract, Korean red ginseng pure extract, Korean red ginseng extract limited easy, honeyed Korean red ginseng slice.
KOREA UIL ULTRASONIC VIETNAM CO., LTD A2-083~086   Ultrasonic cleaning machine, frequency generator, RO water purifier,… and other related products