17/03/2018 09:03
CUBA BIOCUBAFARMA A3 www.biocubafarma.cu A holding of companies dedicated for more than 30 years to scientific development, research, production and marketing of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment for International market.
CUBA CENTRO INTERNACIONAL DE LA HABANA, S.A. (CIH, S.A.) A3-003~008 www.cih.cu CIH. INC. is a trading company with over 2 years in the market offering its experience in the fields of consultancy, audits, scientific & technical services, technology transfer and human capital training, with proven expertise, accountability and professional judgment. CIH INC. gathers more than 500 consultants of diverse areas of knowledge. We are capable to offer a wide range of customized solutions to suit any of our client´s demands with the invaluable support of the Cuban universities network.
CUBA CUBAN MEDICAL SERVICES  - CSMC, S.A A3-003~008 www.smcsalud.cu Export of medical services, health services and teaching and training services in the field of health, which are based on the strength granted by the Cuban National Health System. This allows the provision of a broader set of services than what is covered by the concept of "Medical tourism". Cuban Medical Services is able to establish contractual relations with natural and legal persons (public or private); international and regional organizations; as well as local or central governments.
CUBA FINLAY VACCINE INSTITUTE A3 www.finlay.sld.cu Human Bacterial Vaccines and Active Pharmaceutical Ingedient: Meningococcal Vaccine, Tetanus Vaccine, Typhoide Vaccine, DPT Vaccine, Leptospirosis  Vaccine, Pneumococcal Vaccine.
CUBA HEBER BIOTEC S.A A3 www.cigb.edu.cu Heber Biotec in a Cuban company with exclusivity rights for the commercialization of biotecnhnological and pharmaceutical products, technological services, R & D Projects and industrial property rights of the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB).
CUBA LABIOFAM S.A. A3-003~008 www.labiofam.cu We intend to encourage sales of Vidatox, Biorat and Biolarvicides to export specialized technical services as well as continue working on the promotion of the rest of Labiofam natural productos.
RUSSIA POWER MACHINES A1-186 www.power-m.ru Provide equipment for thermal, nuclear, hydro and gas turbine power plants.
RUSSIA ROSTEC STATE CORPORATION A1-235 www.rostec.ru Automative Engineering, Aircraft Engineering, Motor Engineering, Metallurgy, Construction, Optics, Composite and other modern structural materials, Medical Equipment, Pharmaceutics, Industrial Biotechnology, Radio Electronics, Instrument Making,…