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21/08/2018 14:03

VIETNAM EXPO 2019: ‘Enhance global and local economic links’

Vietnam International Trade Fair – VIETNAM EXPO has been an annual event since its first show in 1991. The Government of Vietnam assigned the tasks of organization and direction to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, specifically Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency – VIETRADE, in cooperation with other Ministries and Vinexad JSC. The past 28 years has witnessed the organization board’s great endeavors to make Vietnam Expo become one of the most large-scale trade promotion activities which not only plays a vital role in the national Industry and Trade sectors but also gain a well-deserved reputation among international friends and local enterprises.

As a result of trade promotion activities before, during and after the Fair, a wide range of economic values, practical opportunities and connections are created for local enterprises to increase their export sales. Vietnam Expo also contributes to the development of the domestic market and the implementation of the Government’s commitments to international economic integration.

Given the constantly changing world, the creation and maintenance of ‘a commercial playground’ in the right spirit of global economic flows which focuses on ‘cooperation and link’ will create more job opportunities in Vietnam. In addition, Vietnam Expo has succeeded in approaching new countries as new partners and attracting well-known branches. The Fair is the place where new technologies are launched, resilient activities like business-matching, investment attraction or consultancy are initiated; and advanced seminars on enhancing understanding about policies or development strategies on commerce are held.

Achievements in 2018

500 enterprises exhibiting at 550 booths.

  • 13 out of 23 participating countries and territories: Japan, Cuba, South Korea, Hongkong, Nepal, Taiwan, Singapore and China. This year, the Fair also warmly welcomed many newcomers from Egypt, Russia Federation, Ukraine and the US. Furthermore, the highlight of the show was the presences of National Pavilions, including Russia, Cuba, South Korea, Nepal, China and Vietnam.
  • 21 cities/provinces with 12 trade - investment promotion centers from Hanoi, Hai Phong, etc., which increased by 30% compared to the last year.
  • 4,370 visitors (up by 32%) from 32 countries attended the Fair as a resut of the organizer’s prestigious reputation, wide partner/customer network and effective promotion campaigns on media channels.

Highlights in 2018

Russian Federation

As the “Guest of Honor” this year, Russian Federation organized a successful ribbon-cutting event for their grand opening ceremony at Russian National Pavilion. Under the direction of the Russian state corporation (Rostec), many leading corporations – big names in key industrial areas such as energy, aviation, aircraft manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, IT and automation – converged in the Russian National Pavilion, which made it come into a public spotlight at the Fair this year. Besides, a hive of activities co-chaired by the Russian Embassy and Russian Export Center (REC) in Vietnam was undertaken throughout the Fair, such as a plenary session on “Russian-Vietnamese partnership in trade and economic fields: The development strategy” and a wide range of roundtables/ specialized seminars. The presence of Russia as the “Guest of Honor” at Vietnam Expo 2018 has represented a remarkable milestone on the long-established road to the Russian-Vietnamese economic partnership, thereby, reinforcing policies by two countries to increase bilateral trade to $10 billion by 2020.


The year 2018 marked the 10th anniversary of Cuba National Pavilion at Vietnam Expo with 30 participating enterprises, which recorded the largest number so far. Cuba’s companies made the most this opportunity to introduce their outstanding products to local visitors such as vaccines, fertilizers, irrigation systems and hardware. Some also visited Vietnamese factories to get to know the operation and learn experience, which offered partnership opportunities among enterprises between two countries.

An effective bridge of promotion

VIETNAM EXPO 2019 will be slated to take place on 10th ~ 13th April 2019 at Hanoi International Exhibition Center (ICE), 91 Tran Hung Dao Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

The Fair’s scale is projected to expand over 550 stands with a throughout theme of ‘Vietnam Expo – Enhance global and local economic links’, which, once again, affirms that Vietnam Expo has been not only a must-attend event for local enterprises who are building their own brands to meet domestic demands, but also ‘a golden chance’ for local start-ups to have the most effective approach to the public. Vietnam Expo also offers foreign partners efficient opportunities to gain a better understanding of Vietnamese economy that has a constantly changing market in order to enhance production, improve quality, boost consumption and attract investment.

According to the latest 2018 Doing Business report by World Bank, Vietnam ranked 68th out of 190 economies, up from rank 82nd in 2017. There have been around 60 economies negotiating FTAs with Vietnam so far. Moreover, ADB forecasts that the country’s GDP in 2018 is likely to increase to 1.7%.

This year’s survey found that 90% of businesses will continue to participate in 2019; 92% satisfied with the results gained at the exhibition, 97% content with the organizational style. These numbers motivate the organizer to keep coming up with effective activities that aim at ‘attracting more countries to participate Vietnam Expo and promoting business-matching between international buyers and local enterprises’.

Further information will be regularly updated on the official website dedicated to the Fair: